The Facilitators Lab

The artistry of facilitation requires the careful and intentional design of learning experiences.

An effectively facilitated session is transformational. It leaves participants feeling energized, inspired and motivated to take action. We believe that the content of a program is simply that, content. It is the facilitator who is the catalyst and brings the content to life. The Facilitators Lab is a unique, dynamic and innovative program for instructors, trainers, faculty and facilitators that focuses on the delivery of content that enables the transfer of learning. We help trainers improve their practice.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand the components of effective facilitation
  • Explore learning strategies that can be used in various types of sessions
  • Use micro-teaching to receive constructive feedback to further develop technique
  • Learn how to intentionally utilize the three channels of communication
  • Build confidence as a facilitator

Using micro-teaching, the experiential component of the program allows participants to receive constructive feedback on their technique and strategies to develop it further. The goal is to build confidence as a facilitator and create transformational sessions.

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