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We believe that developing emotional intelligence can improve the quality of our interactions, relationships and experiences. We deliver certification training, programs and workshops, and we’ve created eBooks and workbooks focused on the development of emotional intelligence and resiliency.


We believe that leadership development involves understanding ourselves, others and the environment. We’ve created programs that focus on self-awareness, interpersonal skills and a deeper understanding of context.


We believe that developing global competence can deepen the way we engage with our passion, purpose and the world. We provide intercultural communication training and our research focuses on fostering the development of global competence and nurturing global citizens.

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Viewpoint Leadership provides learning, training and development through the delivery of programs, courses, workshops and keynotes. Our curriculum is grounded in the 3U’s (understanding yourself, understanding others and understanding context), and focuses on leadership, communication and emotional intelligence. We work with executives, professionals, educators and students who are interested in developing their emotional resiliency and leadership capacity.

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Developing EI for Educators
Emotional Intelligence for Educators
Duration: 4 Weeks
Price: $295
Developing EI for Professionals
Emotional Intelligence for Professionals
Duration: 4 Weeks
Price: $295

Hear From Others

"Recently I completed my EQ-i 2.O and EQ 360 Certification through Viewpoint Leadership. Having worked as a senior leader and CEO for a number of provincial organizations her skilled methodology and authentic approach inspired my leadership learning. Rumeet has outstanding people skills and is adept at demonstrating a passion for the content she facilitated. In addition, she is generous in sharing her time and resources and providing her expertise beyond our initial learning engagement. Rumeet defines what a social entrepreneur and thought leader is and now is a role model and valued connection as I pursue my future career path."Catherine McCullough, MEd, ACC
Catherine McCullough, MEd, ACCCMC Leadership
"This experience was a compelling way of examining my emotional intelligence in the context of leadership. The EQ-i 2.0 report included individual development strategies and this was coupled with invaluable feedback that was delivered with empathy by Rumeet and grounded in solutions. Together, the process was ultimately a powerfully practical and deeply reflective exercise. I've already integrated and applied some of the insights from the report, and I found this to be a an invaluable investment in my future success!"Dannah Everatt, MBA
Dannah Everatt, MBA
"Not only did I find value in having my Emotional Intelligence tested but I thoroughly enjoyed the process from start to finish! Learning about yourself on a deeper level and constructing meaningful applications for self improvement and development is such a rewarding experience."Kate Mills, B.A, BEd, OCT
Kate Mills, B.A, BEd, OCT
"I believe that Emotional Intelligence is the key to unlocking your own true leadership potential and the true leadership potential of others. With these self-awareness tools in your repertoire, there is great hope for a future filled with mindful leaders helping education enable dreams to become reality."Joe Baker, B.Com, M.Ed
Joe Baker, B.Com, M.Ed